Lucas Waldin


photo: Curtis Trent

Visual Arts

Colour in Music.jpg

Pictures at an Exhibition: Grades 4 - 8

Inspired by the Fine Arts curriculum, this program explores concurrent trends in art and music. With a screen over the orchestra projecting paintings ranging from Baroque to Modernism, specific characteristics of art history are matched to compositional techniques used in music from the same period. This interactive and colorful concert clearly illustrates what tools - or paintbrushes - are available to a composer.

Total concert duration: 60 min. Presentation also available in French.

Pictures at an Exhibition was the most exciting, inspiring and relevant education concert the ESO has put on to date. Lucas Waldin created more than a concert, more than an education experience - he created 
an event.
— Jan Dammann
, Music Specialist
, Sir Alexander Mackenzie School

Social Studies

Prince Charles Fiddlers: Garry Lee, Director

Prince Charles Fiddlers: Garry Lee, Director

Canadian Road Trip: Grades K - 8

Buckle up for a musical voyage across Canada! From the West Coast to the Maritimes, from powwows to fiddling, students explore our great country through traditional music and a variety of Canadian composers. Following the Social Studies curriculum, this concert celebrates the vastness of Canada and the diversity of its communities.

Total concert duration: 60 min. Presentation also available in French. 

Lucas you have inspired me to dream big and all this time I have been thinking small it’s like you have lifted me up and got me back in shape. Music is important to me because it calms me down and cheers me up. Music is my life.
— Quintanna Seve, 
Grade 4 Métis fiddler, Prince Charles Elementary



Music of the Night Sky: Grades 4 - 8 

Blast off with the orchestra to discover more about exciting space science topics such as constellations and the solar system, space exploration, and the motions and characteristics of stars, moons and planets.  With video clips and still photos taken from NASA and CSA archives, this concert combines stunning images from the Mars Curiosity Rover, the International Space Station and the Hubble Telescope with dazzling orchestral showpieces to illustrate the magic and mystery of the night sky. 

Total concert duration: 60min. Presentation also available in French.

Symphonic Science Fair featuring AL SIMMONS: Grades K - 8

Bring science to center stage with the outrageous adventures of creative genius and renowned musical inventor Al Simmons.  This inventive and interactive program explores the principles of sound waves, vibrations, resonance, and pitch as the orchestra accompanies Al and his bizarre homemade versions of stringed, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. In typical Al-style, he manages to coax music out of tin cans, soda straws, garden hoses, plastic drink bottles, rulers, coat hangers, and even a turkey baster. He explains, by way of hilarious example, the science behind the music and how his crude instruments are similar to their more expensive counterparts.

Total concert duration: 60min

Al Simmons performs "1812 Overture" on his Upright-Bb-5-bell 12-Valve Baritone Simbonium.

Language Arts

Symphony of Stories: Grades 4 - 8

Relying on the Language Arts curriculum, this program empowers students to delve into the form and structure of music by utilizing their knowledge of creative writing.  With reference to punctuation, character development and the structure of a story, this fun and interactive program uses well-known orchestral favorites to illustrate perennial classics including C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Total concert duration: 60min. Presentation available in French


Dear Lucas,
I am not musically inclined and would have great difficulty teaching music, but I was impressed with this particular performance. Your enthusiasm was very genuine and you presented the information in a way that was engaging and meaningful to the students. I so look forward to the next year!
— Wayne Pukalo, Grade six teacher, High Park School


Family Matinées


Orchestral Explorers: Grades K - 8

Enjoy an afternoon of excitement and discovery with this highly interactive exploration of the orchestra's instruments their families. From Ravel's Bolero to music from Jurassic Park,  this concert features a mixture of orchestral showpieces and pops favorites to allow children of all ages to take an adventure into the inner workings of a full symphony orchestra!

Total concert duration: 60min. 


I am an elementary school teacher and a mother of a three-year old. This concert was one of the best musical performances for children I have seen. It was extremely interactive and highlighted community performers. Everyone in my family loved the experience from my three-year old to grandma. We will subscribe to the series for kids in the future. Thank you for the wonderful experience.
— Tina Yonge, Edmonton Resident